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About Doug York

The Beat Goes On

"I love what I do for a living."
- Doug York

This year I was struck by lightning. What's striking is that I was healed. Read more...

I dedicate my creative work my fans, collegues and backers. Thank you for your support.

I dedicate my work as a teacher to my students to inspire new awareness and mastery.

By thinking positively and working hard, I have been priviledged to work with the best in the business. Check out my : portfolio

My approach

Since 1970, I have dedicated my work in the performing arts to creating astonishing performances and products.

The secret to my success has always been in the team of friends I surround myself with.

And one little thing: always finding the benestrophe in the work.

What's a benestrophe?

A "benestrophe" is what you get when you realize the benefit, instead of the catastrophe, from a difficult, potentially catestrophic situation. It's the silver lining. The blessings in disguise. The serendipity. The unexpected benefits derived from viewing life differently. Choose to see the miracle and one approaches.

Looking for the benestrophe in things tunes my thinking into the challenge differently. As the mind is at ease in graceful acceptance, appreciation and understanding of the difficulty, the real work is to find yet another opportunity to use my intuition and the subtle intelligence.

The future is bright ... let me help you shine the light. Please email me if you have any questions about my services or other issues that I might be able to assist you with.

I encourage people to take back their reality. Take off their watches, turn off their cell phones, stop looking at television, replace coffee with clean drinking water and simply breathe. As the focus shifts to see what's happening right now, creative activity increases and life becomes more easy and graceful.

Life is your revolutionary path. Go for it with ease and grace. With a benestrophe. With a blessing.

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